Danny Felts

Check out the 5th Annual Portland's Funniest Person Contest

Danny Felts

Hey there fam,

How are you feeling? Good? Perhaps you’ve felt a strange combination of restlessness topped off with a frothy head of anxiety? If so, those feelings are correct because over the next 2 months or so A BUNCH of people are going to experience potentially 6 of the most stressful/glorious minutes of their year, and I’m sure those feels are spilling into the general populace. I am of course referring to the Portland’s Funniest Person contest.

This year marks the 5th year of the contest. For the uninitiated, PFP is this thing that happens every summer or thereabouts where just about every Portland comic competes for the title of Portland’s Funniest Person. Ian Karmel won it first, then Nathan Brannon, then Shane Torres, and last year Steven Wilber grabbed the title.

I’ve experienced this contest every year and each time it’s been really interesting. There’s been weird upsets, people going up for their first time, and of course the glorious wingnuts who chose to go by just one name, (e.g xxBerthaxx, Jimmbo, Ma$taBla$ta)* It’s also extremely polarizing. On one hand it offers to one person, (out of about 125 this year), about $1000 (I think?), potential work at the Helium Comedy Club, and of course the gift/curse that is being “Portland’s Funniest Person”. A gift because all those previous things, a curse because there’s nothing like being introed on a show as the “Funniest Person In Portland”. Expectations!


I guess my point is you should come to these shows. Many of the nights will sell out and just the sheer energy around each night will make all the performances that much more interesting. Oh yeah, and if you're there for a specific person that's totally fine. Just be cool to every other performer too.


  • Be nice to each other

  • Take this opportunity to get a good tape/Find someone who 100% knows how to correctly record a show

  • Know how long 6 minutes

  • Just make good decisions in general

Happy June. Happy March Sadness. God is dead.


*None of these are real, but I swear to you they’re about on par with the real thing