Danny Felts

Lance Bangs Presents at Hollywood Theater tomorrow w/Rory Scovel and WHAM CITY @ Everything Is Festival

Danny Felts

As of writing this I own approximately 55 VHS copies of Jerry Maguire. Almost all of them are sitting on my bookshelf in my apartment and 4 of them sit on my work desk with this sticky note attached:

“Do you have a VHS copy of Jerry Maguire? I want it…”


I do this because I was told to by the psychedelic goobers over at Everything Is Terrible. EIT is a group of peeps out of Chicago/LA who take all of your old home movies/infomercials/religious sermons, and smash them into a glorious menagerie of 90’s bullshit. They’re hilarious, and they just so happen to be having a festival in Portland happening right now.

Furthermore, there are a couple shows I would definitely recommend checking out:

Sunday May 31st @ 5PM
Hollywood Theater

Wham City is a lot of things. Baltimore comedy people, Dan Deacon adjacent, on Adult Swim when you should be sleeping. They’re basically just these really fucked up comedy weirdos and they’re super strange and super funny, and it’s worth your time to see them. Seriously.

See Wham City Comedy perform at Everything Is Festival: Portland on Sunday, May 31 at 5:00pm! For more details and tickets, visit hollywoodtheatre.org.

Lance Bangs Presents w/Rory Scovel
Sunday May 31st @ 930PM
Hollywood Theater

Anyone who’s checked out the last couple of Bridgetowns knows this is a very cool show. You know all those bands you grew up with and that indie movie you love and those comedian’s specials that watch on Netflix? Lance has probably worked with them, and he’s got some super cool footage of them doing ridiculous stuff. And who else will be there? Comedy/Crowdwork Overlord, Rory Scovel. What a night, y’all

Lance Bangs presents comedian Rory Scovel and Philadelphia punks the Bad Canoes at Everything Is Festival at Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon on Sunday, May 31st 2015 @ 9:30 pm. Tickets at http://hollywoodtheatre.org/lance-bangs-presents/