Danny Felts

Website Redesign

Danny Felts

Dear everyone,

This is the PDX Comedy Blog.

Long time comers to the blog will remember a different looking website. No more! I made a point of dusting down some of the servers, taking a microfiber cleansing cloth to some copper wires, and getting rid of the piles upon piles of stale cookies. They were everywhere in the old site and they just had to go somewhere so I gave them to Buzzfeed and as we speak they are organizing them into neat piles of useless information about the 90’s.

The result is a streamlined version of the website that is hopefully a little more organized and nicer looking. This is the actual blog part of the site and a couple things will go here.

  • Special shows that don’t happen very often/have really cool people on them.
  • Information on venue cancellation and changes like that.
  • The haps on cool people coming into town who maybe aren’t on those special shows but who are super cool.
  • Editorials.
  • Other stuff.

One thing to note that’s specific to the blog portion of the website: There are no comments. Appologies if you like comments. If you do have questions, comments, or concerns please use the contact form on the contact page. Those emails will get answered with some amount of regularity, but probs not every day.

Something to keep in mind about this whole process is that ultimately it’s an ongoing experiment. As of writing this there are six navigation links at the top of this site but maybe there will be more or less depending on what people want. Who knows. I’ll probably end up changing stuff as time goes on.

Otherwise, I’m really happy to share this with you guys. You’re super cool, I love you, see you at the mics.