Danny Felts

PFP Finals: Tuesday 7/7 @ 8PM

Danny Felts

Ohhhh man, you guys.

After just over a month of preliminary/semi rounds, the finals for Portland’s Funniest Person are for real here. To say it’s been interesting is an understament. The perilous highs, the cray cray lows. Oh man, y’all. It’s just a bunch of emotions period. Here’s are the peeps involved in no particular order.

Neeraj Srinivasan

Nariko Ott

Alex Falcone

Sean Jordan

Adam Pasi

Gabe Dinger

JoAnn Schinderle

Danny Felts

Bri Pruett

Curtis Cook

Amy Miller

Robbie Pankow

If you have the means, check out the finals tomorrow. It’s at 8PM, it’s almost definitely going to sell out, and most importantly it’s just going to be a fun show. Be a part of it!

SIDENOTE: Every comic in that list above knows what they're doing comedy wise. That being said, this is not a list of the only comics you should watch in Portland. There's so many more, many of whom were in this contest and didn't make it for sideways reasons. Just watch comedy in Portland in general. You'll enjoy yourself.