Danny Felts

Noteable Cuts: "These Are The People", A New Podcast by Jon Washington

Danny Felts

Podcasts: They are everywhere; specifically new ones.

And honestly, that’s totally fine. It’s 2015, and while sometimes there is the occasional gripe about the over saturation of the podcast market, I could really care less. It’s only a good thing because many of them are free, the bad ones usually sink to the bottom, and I can’t help but feel like they also keep people a little more mentally sound what with crazy people also choosing to ride the bus a pair of headphones sometimes being your only defense.

With that in mind, do yourself a favor and check out the newest podcast that’s come off of the Portland Comedy assembly line, These Are The People.

Created by Portland comedian, Jon Washington, TATP is an improvised satire/spoof of This American Life. Each episode starts out with a premise, Jon interviews the first comic on that premise, and then other comics improvise off of the first comic. It’s kind of genius and really, really funny.

Check out the first episode here. In it’s inaugural episode, Jon talks about a very important issue: How sometimes despite every precaution, someone can still p** in the reservoir. What a world Port****. What a world.

These Are The People comes out monthly. If you want more Jon Washington check out his other Podcast, Jon Reads The Paper, here.