Danny Felts

Noteable Cuts: Creating A Good Show

Danny Felts

When you exist among a group of 1000 - 5000 comedians on the internet the thinkpiece becomes an ever present facet of your life. Whether it's through Tumblr, Jezebel, or the strangely endless line of similars, people have many opinions and you can rest assured that there is a place to read about them on the internet.

Combine that with the fact that the comedian is a very self referential, analytical being that (rightly so) is probably always questioning the industry they exist in. This makes for a lot of people making a lot of claims. Some of them are insane, some of them super weird and outta left field, and some of them are Jay Whitecotton's.

Jay is a comic based out of Austin, TX. He's blisteringly funny, to the point, and he recently listed out some of his own thoughts on what it means to run a show. I want to emphasize the importance of what I'm going to say next so here it is on it's very own line break. Ready?

If you read one post about comedy this year, please let it be this one on Jay's on personal thoughts on what it means to run a comedy show.

Local showcases can be a thing of beauty, however they can just as easily become yet another failed piece of performance art which disenchants and ruins audience. Jay leverages this article by stating that it's mostly for himself and to remind him what to do in his own life, but I dare you to try and do the opposite of what he says and see if your show does well, because it won't.

Take the time to read this. Jay's a southern gentleman, has a nice haircut, and from what I can tell is also a fairly competent piano player.