Within the scene there's so many things happening comedy adjacent that build up and make what happens here even cooler. Here are some of those things.

Portland Stand Up Photo Album:

Since 2013 local performer Jason Traeger has been taking pictures of comics in town. His friendly demeanor and all around inclusiveness has afforded him the opportunity to capture some of PDX's coolest comedy moments over the last couple of years. Additionally, select photos from Jason's website were used to create the landing page to this site. Start from the beginning and watch the scene evolve into what it is presently.

This is just a small smattering of photos from his site. Seriously, Jason is an amazing photographer. Do yourself a favor and get a headshot taken by him. You won't regret it.

Kickstand Comedy Space:

The Kickstand Comedy Space is everything about Portland you love smashed into a DIY comedy performance space. Come here to see Portland Comics stretching out new show ideas, awesome showcases from some the most trusted names in the scene. Check out their show calendar and site here.

Comedy Outside Of Portland:

The PDX Comedy Blog was not the first iteration of someone creating a web presence for their comedy scene nor will it be the last. If you're a traveling comic and you're looking to find out what shows to hit up in other scenes check out these websites.